Soggy 19

Oxford canalThe Country File forecast dealt the final blow to August’s weather, we weren’t exactly going to stay where we were for an entire week so pulled on waterproofs and got out there. Plans for a short trip untillucky charms around lunchtime to charge the batteries etc went out the window, by lunch only a few miles of water had passed under the boat, the day was just beginning…

Probably not helped by dank conditions but this stretch of the OxHillmorton Locksford canal is a bit straight and a bit dull which wasn’t Brindley’s plan at all. Originally a contour canal, by the 19th century the winding water was struggling to cope with the amount of traffic, so in the 1820’s the section between Braunston and Coventry was re-engineered, reducing the route down from 36 to 22 miles, chopping out a lot of interest along the way – this resulted in ornate iron bridges framing arms that once wound the wiggled Falls Bridgeoriginal waterway, Bridge Falls is an example Oxford canalof this, offering a journey to nowhere.

Somewhere along the way we climbed Hillmorton Locks. No idea what we were doing out there for so long, the only other movement came from water logged hire boaters – not sure how many repeat bookings a week of rain rain rain will generate.

At 17 miles I swapped the stern for a hair wrap and blow dry while Nick soldiered on to a soggy total of 19. Yuck.