Oxford canalOxford canalAfter a water fill in Cropredy we moved on out, away from the chocolate box cottages. It might not have been the warmest of days but it was definitely way warmer than the last time we arrived in Banbury, frozen to the stern.

Under strict instructions to ‘Moor as soon as you smell the doughnuts,’ given by a helpful boater who’d explained there was ‘No way you’ll get a mooring in the centre.’ we felt pretty lucky to have pick of the spaces – doughnut scented or town centre, it was all up for grabs. So, we started off with the doughnuts near BanburyB&Q before moving down into the heart of Banbury – a partly successful move as the view improved but TV disappeared from available onboard entertainment.

Banbury’s character seems a mashup of places visited on tBanbury mooringsour – old and new, a mixture of no non-sense northerness laced with a bit of the soft south and all the Polskie nalesniki, zrazy and pierogi you could ever wish to find. Tonight’s mooring is more interesting than the average shopping centre, Banbury castle stood on the site for around 400 years before being demolished in 1648 when its stones disappeared to new beginnings in houses around the town.