Pump The Gunk

Oxford canalPushing away from the bank our plan was to move on towards Thrupp but after looking up at the blue sky and feeling proper Oxford canalheat on our backs we’d soon turned and were heading back to moor the other way round, with a new plan to get to grips with the other side of the boat.

Pumping out what lies at the bottom of the diesel tank is always fascinating – originally recommended by Victoria and Spencer down on the Aynho WharfKennet and Avon, scraping the dregs from the base of the tank is a satisfying feeling. Waiting for the diesel tpumping the dregs of the tankbottom of the diesel tanko settle it was clear there’s not too much nastiness in there at the moment, a check of the primary fuel filter told the same story too. Good good.

By mid afternoon we moved further back up the canal to Aynho Wharf where we topped with diesel anfuel filterd water before setting the washing machine going then moving back into position for a little early evening waxing and hatch work.


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