Staying Put

‘They do let scruffy boats on the Thatch planhames you know!’ mocked one of our current fellow travellers, as they phatch planassed on by, watching us turn the boat inside out yet again. The combination of decent weather and a quiet towpath keeps proving too much to resist. We got on with a bit more polishing and scraping and painting…it’s coming to an end.

The side hatch has all sorts of condensation horrors during the colder months so that’s getting a major overhaul, in contrast to the explosive looking hatch the rest of tMorso paintingoday’s improvements were fairly low-key: painting the Morso, cleaning the oven and lacquering anything remotely resembling brass.

This one is for you Dad!

This one is for you Dad!

Just when we thought the water had settled for the evening a hireboat rounded the bend and passed under the lift bridge, the ginormous camera panning on top made us stop and stare and squint – only to see Timothy West in charge…it looks as though an Oxford Great Canal Journey is in the making. The slightly stalkerish phTimothy Westoto was in the bag, totally lost on SFR, ‘Huh? Timothy who?’ Deary me.

With unfenced fields either side of the water Murk has been in his element chasing sticks launched by anyone he’s managed to cajole into throwing them for the last couple of days. We’ve grown quite attached to the this spot and with plenty of food left and a good tank of water there’s no real reason to move but the forecast looks dull so we’ll most likely continue South tomorrow.



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