Fast Food Line

OxfordA day that began southbound featured a quick shuttle north on the Great Western – undoing our last five days of travel in less than 15 minutes. The southern section of the Oxford canal was somewhere weOxford canal battled through, around 18 months ago in freezing cold conditions, which did nothing to showcase its beauty. Spending some time getting the boat up to scratch has been enjoyable, as a consequence our journey has dwindled to a total go slow, all fine except the fridge contents were due to run out before another decent supermarket arrived. Banbury by train landed us in unfamiliar territory, but we sOxford canaloon spotted Morrisons then heaving a heavy rucksack and arms full of bags for life we took the return journey…Oxford canal

With another tank of water and a good stash of food we drifted away from Heyford, it was a lovely evening to travel but the main purpose was finding 3G. In fact it seemed to be the main thing on the minds of most people we spoke to along the way. Sad but true.

Watching a couple of reception baHeyford Wharfrs dropping in and out we found a quiet spot with piling just long enough for one boat. That was last night and we’re still here now. The security on the side hatch has been ramped up – from practically non-existent, there are now so many interlocking bolts and catches it’s one big brain game. Aside from licences, an insurance and Banbury stationCanal and River Rescue renewal phone call was all it took to complete life’s paper work for another year.

Workboat Dusty passed early evening, unfortunately the shocking August ate up our coal supply so we took a couple on the roof. The moon has disappeared leaving a very black night of nothingness occasionally broken by the clattering of a train rushing through the dark.


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