OxfordIt’s only a few miles but several locks, numerous lift bridges, two water fills and very different sulift bridge into Oxfordrroundings make Thrupp and Jericho seem worlds apart. The journey down into Oxford was especially enjoyable under a bright blue sky. What had been verging on frantic boat activity in Thrupp dwindled to next to nothing the fuOxford canalrther we travelled, this, combined with the fact that almost everyone we’ve spoken to just lately had decided to moor in Thrupp and catch a bus in Oxford made us begin to wonder if things had gone downhill since we last visited Jericho.

It’s amazing how many boats that were on the market during our boat search phase we’ve spotted but today an extra speciPersephoneal boat popped up – Persephone, we gripped that tiller sooo tightly during a hectic day in Camden back in 2012 when took a bit of training and stepped onto a narrowboat for the very first time.

WithPersephone three washes done it was time for more water, the Agenda 21 moorers have especiboater bins Oxfordally nice cast-offs judging by the freebies at the bins.

Thanks to plenty of boaters busing it in from Thrupp there were several moorings available in Jericho, tying up next to the cider and fruit wine boat we figured we’d happened upon a pretty good space. The area has real character and an interesting past, located outside the old city wall it was a place for travellers to rest if they reached the city after the gates had closed. Houses that now sell for crazy prices suffered from poor drainage when they were originally built resulting in Oxford Radcliffe Librarydisease riddled streets – in 1873 five out of 11 typhoid deaths originated in Jericho, by the 1950’s the place had morphed into a red light area and in the 1960’s it narrowly escaped being demolished altogether.

Shutting the door on Murk we set off for a little car park research and then into the heart of the city where late afternoon heat was radiating from the sandstone halls, reading rooms and churches making a busy place feel quite still.


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