Oxford hire boatsThe fun fair caused a bit of a city centre blockage for car drivers wanting to get from the topside down to the station car park. By the time Mummy sped up the short stay ramp the Fiesta tyres were Radcliffe Librarysmoking having completed an express tour of Oxford….over rugby pitches, through quads, down the cobbled streets. Read it and weep SFR, this boat looked like Christmas: smoked salmon, gammon, Bombay gin, cakes, chocolate, pork pie, nibbles, cider the list went on and on…Ashmolean Museum

Having missed August summer showed up, it was lovely to wander the city without getting rained on. Libraries and colleges are spread throughout so with a handy college guide we went exploring the quiet back streets eventually arriving down at Christ Church, Oxford – magnificent buildings that have produced a whopping thirteen British prime ministers.Vaults & Garden Cafe

Murk continues to enjoy his morning dips in the Thames, always nice to see him completely submerged and getting a good clean. A walk up to Godstow Lock took us across the meadows where Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, enjoyed picnics anHertford Bridge - Oxford's Bridge of Sighsd one day made up a story that began, ‘Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank and having nothing to do….. when suddenly a OxfordWhite Rabbit with pink eyes ran close by her…

City moorings tend to relegate the boat to a place to quickly stop by before setting off in search of more entertainment. We headed into The Ashmolean Museum for a brush up on mummification, Scarab beetles, medieval England and timelines in general – still there Sar?

Chalk and cheese, tea at the Vaults & Garden Cafe was everything tapas at Al-Andalus wasn’t and both were very good. After cheating and catching a car ride along to Aldi we waved Mummy goodbye, atleast London plans mean the gap won’t be too long this time round.


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