Next Door

Spring CottageTonight’s neighbours aren’t in, it could have something to do with the price tag starting at £1Henley,800 for a night at infamous Spring Cottage. Moored just along from where the exciting stuff once went on – On trips from Windsor, Queen Victoria enjoyed the ease of tea on the terrace as opposed to being hauled up the hill Temple Islandto Cliveden HouSpring Cottagese in a pretty undignified hoist contraption…Christine Keeler and John Profumo enjoyed themselves there too. Rooms are still and empty and the silence surrounding the place is almost Spring Cottagedeafening. Occasional use by a whole host of indulgent paying guests suits Spring Cottage so much more than happy families.

What went before pales into insignificance, which is harsh as working backwards we drifted through Marlow and before that Henley. Henley’s regatta course wasn’t set out, making for an easy straight journey down towards Temple Island. Past CulSpring Cottageham Court, owned by Urs Schwarzenbach who buys surrounding multi-million pound properties only to knock them down in the pursuit of a more pleasing view. Out numbered Marlowby cruisers it’s always fun to see a narrowboat out here Spring Cottage– passing Sue on No Problem was a coincidence as she first contacted us during our terrifying ordeal on a flooded Thames telling us to moor up and wait because when conditions are right thCookham LockMarlowe river is a great place to be. And she was right.

Soon on and into Marlow. With visitor moorings all taken at the park we moved on through the lock to the good moorings below, a short walk up into the town and into Sainsbury’s. The last leg of today’s journey was the beautiful drop down through Cookham Lock and oCliveden Housen past Spring CotThamestage, before mooring amongst the trees. Judging by Cliveden’s luxury ‘Doggy Break’ promising dinners from the chef’s canine menu, Murk is definitely neglected.



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