Lights Out

CamdenOur luck was in with the locks, with every gate wide open we sailed straight in. It was bright and breezy and the autumn leaves tumbled from the trees as we travelled up through a quiet Camden and past London Zoo.Camden

Back into waters that are set to become more familiar as time goes by. After two winters out we’ve decided to take a mooring and enjoy the combination of Murk’s paws and concrete, rather than him squelching through endless gloopy mud.

It’s been an amazing adventure and we’ve learnt quite a bit along the way…Little Venice

  • Two people and one dog create an enormous amount of condensation
  • We don’t miss having lots of ‘stuff’
  • Living uses an awful lot of water and magics bags and bags of rubbish
  • Narrowboating is great for your geography
  • It’s not rough Up North
  • You get to meet some lovely people (we will never ever forget Sue, Kev and the water tank)
  • A home doesn’t have to be a house

Little VeniceBest bits is a tricky one. There’s too little time before the end of the world for Nick to decide on his, but generally speaking the experiences that spring to mind tend to be the ones that verged on, or were scary…

  • Liverpool Link, Thames, York.


And the top moorings…

  • Cliveden
  • Dunham Massey
  • Uppermill
  • Guildford MeadowLondon

There’s little left to say. The end is where the journey begins.

Thanks for following

That’s all folks

The End


Lights out