Botany Bay

Leeds and LiverpoolA beautiful morning and barely a boat on the move we wound round to Chorley. In new waters we’re back to pulling over and doing whatever there is to do or see. A brown signLeeds and Liverpool with ice cream parlour was the first hit of the day – Frederick’s has been making ice cream for 120 years and was pretty packed out with people.

On through leafy stretches, passing only the odd boat here and there we got our first glimpse of the Pennines in the distance.

Botany Bay - Leeds and LiverpoolBotany Bay was nextFrederick's up. An enormous mill converted into a shopping centre come play park. Happily posing for photos under the entrance sign Nick wandered in. Boasting shopping on five levels, the first floor started in the usual much much more than a garden centre kind of a way, second morphed into fashion, the third eerily quiet and packed with furniture, forth an eclectic mix of disturbing Victorian penny slot machines, spookily real looking doBotany Baylls and other ranBotany Baydomness and the fifth had Nick running for the lift reminding himself to breathe whilst praying for daylight. An interesting experience, there’s probably something for everyonBotany Bay Mille, somewhere. Opened in 1856 and eventually closed in the 1950’s due to decline in the cotton industry it’s fascinating to see inside and great that it found another life.

Perhaps it’s the warm still evening but there’s a bit of a seaside feel going outside.