Lemonroyd Kaboom

Gone are the quaint canal side pubs, church steepleAire and Calder lock houses and rolling hills. Out on the Aire and Calder everything just got big, the miles sped past in comparison to the Leeds and Liverpool.

Oil terminals are positioned along the way, the banks are high and the water is wide. Locks are automatic so Nick gets a break – just a bw key, a few buttons and the lock is magically turned.

Entering Lemonroyd Lock the end was so far away it was hard to figure what Nick was on about but he seemeLemonroyd Lockd pretty animated. As the water began to drain away, the boat fell deeper and deeper, apparently the front of the lock gates create a geyser effect with the massive amounts of water sloshing about. Still can’t get anywhere near a straight answer about  Lemonroyd’s lock status…’It’s not that straightforward you see, coming in at the Castlefordseventh deepest in the country, being the widest and longest we’ve ever encountered, if we’re talking volume of water then, a+b+c = kaboom!’ It was a big one.

Through the flood gates at Castleford we pulled in for the night. Being a rivery/canal combo the Aire and Calder doesn’t deliver on tie up where you like but designated moorings have been plenty so far.