Under The Rainbow

River StortNot one turn of the prop happened today, instead we stayed put and winterised the boat – not in a drain and leave it kind of way but in a re-jiggling to make as much space for coal and dog food as possible kind of a way. The triple glazing went up too – lovely stuff!

With just a couple of boats passing by there wasn’t much action, although the whole area is River Stortteaming with swans and geese and sheep. With the chimney swept, anchor away, coal storage sorted, cupboards cleaned and windows plasticed we’re ready for the worst the winter can throw our way.

Same spot, another day, another lucky rainbow.

Heartbreak Hill

Heartbreak HillStill on the way up…with twin sets of locks this is one of our favourite flights. Rain cleared to drizzle leaving the air hanging heavy with the smell of cows and horses.  

Stopped at Lock 57, a Nicholson favourite. Last autumn we missed last orders for Sunday dinner only to find the bar shut too. Hoping for milk and cream from the shop it was sad to see the whole lot closed down now.Heartbreak Hill

So impressed with the window film, woke to the bedroom at 18c and windows without a bead of condensation. Take it all back, Storm Guard is quick, cheap and it works. Added to the vamped windows the log burner is on a low level tick over, the air feels warm and dry. Discovered Nick delighting in watching salt free fall from the pot, ‘…just because it can.’ Hmmm.

Hole Up

stormguard double glazingReluctantly picked the ‘Stormguard SecHeartbreak Hillondary Glazing Film’ from the shelf, with claims and promises: ‘Frost King’, ‘Save Money’, ‘Save Energy’, it was hard not to feel like a DIY mug. Parted with nine good pounds and wandered back totally unconvinced.

After an attempt to re-discover TV by tugging the boat forward we gave up and moved on two locks, the Heartbreak Hill rise resulting in a glorious abundance of channels.sort of double glazing

The sun had heat blasted the windows so we got to work with the killer combination of double sided tape, thick cling film and a hairdryer; no argon, krypton or zenon in this green machine. Before long we were right into the swing of it, loving the retro feel of plastic windows that boingg when you ping them and pretty impressed at how well we could still see out. A few fiddly hours later and we shut up shop, showered and boiled pasta – then kicked back and relaxed, surrounded by a lot of plastic. So far so good, no dripping windows and it’s feeling kind of toasty. If the sun tinges it orange in a 50’s window display way it’ll be coming straight down, although there’s a good chance that could occur overnight anyhow.