Lights Out

CamdenOur luck was in with the locks, with every gate wide open we sailed straight in. It was bright and breezy and the autumn leaves tumbled from the trees as we travelled up through a quiet Camden and past London Zoo.Camden

Back into waters that are set to become more familiar as time goes by. After two winters out we’ve decided to take a mooring and enjoy the combination of Murk’s paws and concrete, rather than him squelching through endless gloopy mud.

It’s been an amazing adventure and we’ve learnt quite a bit along the way…Little Venice

  • Two people and one dog create an enormous amount of condensation
  • We don’t miss having lots of ‘stuff’
  • Living uses an awful lot of water and magics bags and bags of rubbish
  • Narrowboating is great for your geography
  • It’s not rough Up North
  • You get to meet some lovely people (we will never ever forget Sue, Kev and the water tank)
  • A home doesn’t have to be a house

Little VeniceBest bits is a tricky one. There’s too little time before the end of the world for Nick to decide on his, but generally speaking the experiences that spring to mind tend to be the ones that verged on, or were scary…

  • Liverpool Link, Thames, York.


And the top moorings…

  • Cliveden
  • Dunham Massey
  • Uppermill
  • Guildford MeadowLondon

There’s little left to say. The end is where the journey begins.

Thanks for following

That’s all folks

The End


Lights out

21 Comments on “Lights Out”

  1. Kev says:

    Nooooo please don’t leave us we’re missing you already.
    It’s been our pleasure to be involved in snippets of your journey.
    Where ever you are we will find you xxx

  2. Peter Thornton says:

    Emma, don’t go! Can’t you just pretend to be cruising and make it all up?
    But seriously, it’s been lovely following you and we wish you all the best for the future

  3. AJ says:

    Thank you so so much Em, Nick and Murk. We have enjoyed, worried and laughed so much at your daily do-ings. The winter will be easier for you so we wont have to worry for you on stormy cold nights this year. Have you ever thought of taking up Ancestry research ??? Just stop laughing please. Xxxxx UM & AJ

    • Emma says:

      Well fortunately we already have someone in the family who is pretty good at the Ancestry side of things! Thanks for all your help along the way, it was lovely when you managed to join us xx

  4. Ray Morley says:

    Really enjoyed the blog. Have a warm and mud free winter. Will miss the antics of Murk.

  5. M. Young says:

    Just wanted to say how sad I am that you are no longer blogging. Thanks to your blog, which I discovered in July 2013, my partner and I, along with another couple, flew from Australia to have enjoy a month doing the Four Counties ring, with side trips to Llangollen and Chester. We loved it so much, we would love to do a longer trip before we become entirely too decrepid however the regular hire boats are not really set up for longer term cruising and become price prohibitive :(, So, Emma thanks to you and Nic and the Murkster and your blog we had the most fantastic experience last May and I hate boats!
    Thank you and I hope you do an occasional winter blog to keep your ‘public’ informed of your doings.
    Margy, an Australian ‘fan’

    • Emma says:

      Hi Margy, thanks for the lovely comment. So glad you got to try out narrowboating and loved it. Funny you don’t like boats as Nick’s not crazy on them either!! We had a great time and only wish it was all new and out there waiting to be discovered again. Happy to help out with any routes/boat hire places if you ever decide to do your longer trip. Take care x

      • M. Young says:

        Hi Emma, we have decided to bite the bullet, scrape up the money and do another trip next year. I would like to take you up on your offer of advice and to that end could I email you with some questions? Do you have access to my email address? If so, please send me an email so I can ask, what hopefully, won’t be too many questions.

      • Emma says:

        That’s exciting! Feel free to ask away, I don’t have access to your e-mail yet but you can contact me on
        Look forward to hearing your plans!

  6. James says:

    Hey Murk slaves! Where abouts did you get your winter mooring? We’re glued to the Rugby area whilst we get some work done on the boat but maybe making a couple of day trips to London pre Xmas. Be good to meet up again for cwahffee 😉

  7. jan and angus says:

    Hi we will miss your blog good luck for the next adventure jan and angus x

    • Emma says:

      Thanks Jan and Angus! Hope your boat work is going well…Stone feels a long way away now. Be sure to drop us a line if you’re in London over the winter x

  8. Hi guys, hope you are both well. Hope you will continue with the blog again one day when you are on your travels again. It’s been fab reading your travels and seeing your photos. Love & Best Wishes to both xxx

    • Emma says:

      Hello! Lovely to hear for you, it’s very odd not blogging and I especially miss taking so many photos along the way. All going well here in London, with the ridiculous amount of things to see and do! Do let us know if you’re down this way xx

  9. Hey guys, have loved reading about your adventures (have not read all the entries) after Sarah told me all about your boat. Hope you’re well. Would be lovely to try and catch up now you’re back and in one spot. All the best, Dan (Bolney Dan in case you were wondering 😉 x

    • Emma says:

      Hi Dan! Lovely to hear from you, it’s been ages. Yes, definitely would be great to catch up let us know if you’re ever up this way…or perhaps we might meet in ‘the village’!! Emma x

      • Its has indeed. Just finished 3 weeks in town but I’ll be up again soon. Where are you moored up at the moment btw? We used to live on the Regent’s Canal where it crosses with Kingsland road which you must have passed on your travels. Miss it loads. Let us know whenever you’re down South. Dan x

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